Taming Your Backlight Mobile Menu

Currently we cannot assign one navigation menu to desktop displays and another to mobile devices. If you have a lot of albums on your site,  they’re probably organized into nice and neat album sets that are reflected in the drop-down menu displayed on desktop sizes of your site. Because there are a lot of albums, […]

Mixed Pricing in Backlight Albums

Mixed pricing is a way to assign a pricing profile to individual images in your TTG Backlight Cart enabled albums. Say you have an album of images that are available for purchase as prints. Perhaps some will only be available in certain sizes, or they’re limited editions. Or you just like some better than others […]

Remove share buttons in your Backlight albums

If you choose the “slideshow” presentation for your Backlight albums, you’ll see a “picture” icon in the upper right-hand area of the large images. This is the Sharing button. Click on it and you’ll see all the Backlight share options: Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. If you’ve enabled downloads, permalinks or maps, you’ll also see those […]

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This site is: a repository of time-savers and best practices from a user's perspective, picked up from several years of using TTG plugins.
This site is not: a support site.
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Current TTG versions

Backlight 2 Versions

See the Backlight Modules page on your site for latest Backlight and module versions and changelogs.

TTG Publisher 4.0.7

Backlight 1 Versions

Backlight 1.2.3 (release 5)
Pages module 1.2.3
Cart Add-on 4.1.6
Client Response Add-on 7.1.2
Theater Add-on 1.2.5
Galleria Add-on 1.0.0
WordPress Add-on 1.2.5
Publisher 3.2.3

CE4 Versions

note: CE4 is no longer being developed or sold. See this post.

TTG-BE: 2.0.5a
Autoindex: 7.0.8
Cart: 3.1.4a
CRG: 6.1.3a
Gallery: 6.1.10
Pages: 7.0.15
Publisher: 2.3.3
Stage: 6.1.6
Theme for WordPress: 3.1.2

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